Logos Are Essential For Branding

RDPShop Services can create affordable, quality custom logo designs for your personal use, blog or your business. Logos are essential for branding. People remember imagery better than words usually. My logos can be any size with or without a background. They can also be placed into letter head or business card format.

Getting Started

custom logo

When it comes to designing a logo, you will want it to portray your brand in some fashion. However, sometimes just some lines and colors with a statement is all it takes. What has worked best so far is for the client to draw out several ideas, then it can be made into samples.

Although sketches are not always necessary, if you can provide the main premise of your brand or what your business is about, drafts can be made. It also helps to know where you will be placing a logo in order to create a size that fits best. Of course the more information you provide, the more you will save.

Other Roles For A Logo

A logo has more uses than just an image at the upper top left hand of a website. Favicons are usually created from the logo. Favicons are the little tiny logo that reside on the left side of a web browser tab. Look at the one for this page. Here are reasons to use a logo.

  • Website Header
  • Favicon
  • Business Cards
  • Letter Heads
  • Signs
  • Banners
  • Social Media
  • Letters
  • Email Signatures
  • Products
  • Packages
  • T-Shirts
  • Forms
  • Billboards
  • Vehicles
  • Gravatars

RDPShop Logo Services

  • Multiple drafts will be created for your review
  • The final draft can be provided with color or graphic backgrounds and or transparent backgrounds
  • Logo can be delivered in a .jpeg or a .png
  • Can assist in placing it in a website if you require help


  • Logo designs - $25 and up
  • Favicon Designs - $10 if create logo, $20 without logo creation
  • Logo and Favicon - $35 and up
  • All logos come with one free revision

Request a quote by clicking on the button. I will give you a close approximation if not exact cost based on your description.

Logo Samples

custom logo designs
custom logo designs
custom logo designs