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Choose from a select group of high quality templates. Request a complete customized site for your business or blogging needs. Can build and customize sites for any niche. All websites are built with WordPress and are made to your specs.

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When you get a website built, whomever the developer is, they will require you to have hosting. The developer will need access to your hosting in order to build your website on that server. Hosting can get expensive and not everyone is that tech savvy to manage webs hosting. That is why RDPShop Services can accommodate hosting for your site. If your website is an average site. Meaning it will not be housing thousands of images and pages. The price can be included in with your website build.  Hosting is only provided for RDPShop Services clients.

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Enter your request below. Please provide how many pages you will require, the type of website you need and if you have or need a logo designed for your site. I usually respond well under a 24 hour period of time.