My name is Rodney Parks, a customer service-oriented individual with over 20 years in IT and Business Applications, and over 33 years in business management and entrepreneurship. I have always put forth a strong commitment to deliver a robust customer responsive service and dedication to projects and task driven environments.

Because of having a commonsense and “big-picture” vision and approach, accompanied by a strong technical and business background, grants more than just a “worker-bee” existence. All of my experience and background gives me an insight to how all aspects of a business should run and the importance of not only my role, but other positions as well.

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Loving new challenges and learning new things, I have acquired a wide array of skills and experience. I have a really strong background in the automotive world and gained my business strengths from running my own shop since the 80's. Through the large variety of training from my previous positions, I am confident that my combination of talent and ambition is a valuable asset. 

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Professional Strengths

My years in Automotive, IT and Business Applications has built and strengthened my skills and talents in many areas and with many tools and applications.

  • WordPress - Development, Blogging
  • Graphics - Logos, Images, Banners, Intros
  • Video - Creation, Editing
  • SEO - Keywords, Phrases, Readability
  • Landing Page Creations
  • ERP Systems - CMS, JD Edwards, Mapics
  • Documentation - eBooks, Instructional
  • Documentation Management - How To's
  • SharePoint 2003-2013
  • Business Application Administrations
  • Systems Analyst
  • Help Desk Support and Management
  • Database Administration
  • Project Management
  • Efficiency Analyst
  • Customer Service Oriented
  • Asset and Procurement Management
  • Professional and Friendly Attitude
  • Social Media Management (Strength in YouTube)
  • YouTube Channels - How To Instructional


Even though I believe skills are incredibly valuable, I strongly am convinced that attitude and personality are as equally important. My biggest strength is being altruistic, I have a genuine concern for others. It is important to me, to be an asset to any job or project I am involved with. Every venture I am Involved with, I give it 100%.

It is always nice to make money from a job, after all, that is what keeps us motivated and is the biggest incentive to work. However I am not about the money, sure I want to get paid but I want to be happy knowing that I under promised and over delivered to my customers.

Traditional Customer Service

I still believe in the days of when you pulled up to a full service gas station. You got tow or three men to come out and fill your tank, wash your windshield and check fluids and tires., FOR FREE. It was a courtesy and good business. I still feel you should take care of your customer and they will take care of you.

Customer service isn't anything like the good old days, so I rebel against the new age by holding on to old values. I am one of the rare services that doesn't charge for evaluations. For businesses that are wanting a website or IT improvements, I do not charge to evaluate the situation.

Available Services

  • Computer Repair - Home or Business
  • Networking - Home or Business
  • IT Services - Home or Business
  • Website Designs
  • Website Logos and Graphics
  • Office Furniture Assembly

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knoxville tn computer repair

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web designs knoxville tn