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You may have seen that Windows 11 is already on the rise. This means that Windows 10 will soon end, so when is Windows 10 Support End Date? We all have about 3 more years, October 14, 2025 is the day. So, what does this mean for those stubborn people that don’t want to change?

Many computer users are like little kids with a toy. As soon as the next best thing comes along, they got to have it. As an IT Tech, I can see now, after battling many of the next best thing upgrade. You might want to hold off and wait to upgrade to Windows 11.

Your website is a major investment, shouldn’t it grow with you? Avoid paying for a redesign in a couple of years. Developing your company’s website with growth in mind is crucial. Although most websites are designed with an emphasis on user experience, mobile responsiveness, and brand recognition. Even though these are important elements, are they

When a computer problem arises, your first instinct might be to call someone. Although, there are those thoughts and fears of who can you trust? You can’t help wonder just how much are you going to be ripped off. Another thought is, can the tech even really help, or just mess it up worse than

One of the most popular problems for people to look for computer services in Knoxville TN, are printer issues. I would say 50% of my calls are usually printer problems, starting with, “I can’t print.” Let’s look at 6 common printer problems you should be aware of.