Difference Between A Backup And Disaster Recovery

Most everyone that has a computer know they need good backups of their files. Even a home user that has pictures, videos and more, want to place a copy of these files somewhere else. For a business, you have to have backups.

A backup is just that, you place a copy of your business data anywhere else rather than the computer itself. But there are better ways than I have seen going on in small businesses. Using an external USB drive is fine as this is really common. However, your business still isn't safe.

What is safe when it comes to backups? Having the backups off-site is the best method. This leads into having a good backup and disaster recovery plan. If your small business was physically destroyed, say by fire, weather or what-have-you. How would you get your business running and how long will it take you?

A disaster recovery plan will put those answers into place for you if the need ever came about. Of course, without good off-site backups, you will not be able to restore your data. So, the two can work hand-in-hand. Disaster plans are more then just your computer and data. It is a plan on how to get setup somewhere else in as short of a time as possible.

What Is Needed To Get Your Business Protected

backup and disaster recovery plan

RDPShop Services is a local Knoxville TN computer repair service, but it offers more. With over 20 years of corporation IT experience, you will benefit.

I understand just how important your business and information is. A full analysis of how you are doing your backups if at all would be the first step.

After your backup procedure has been analyzed, I will give you options on an improved method. If you do not have a process in place, then that is provided as well. The backup procedure has to be put into place first before moving on to a disaster recovery option.

Once the backup method has been established, I will help you get it put into place. My process will be figure out what needs to be backed up; where the backups will be stored and set it to be automatic. You will also be taught how the process works and what will be needed to do a restore.

If you desire a backup disaster recovery plan, I will work with you to create the instructions. These instructions will of course not be stored on business site. However, when we are done, you should know how to restore your backed up files if needed and how to get your business up and running from a disaster.

Backup Options

  • External USB Drive as long as it is removed from the premises every night
  • Cloud Storage, there are many service such a Google Drive, Drop Box and others
  • Backup Software, this should be used no matter the method of storage
  • Contract a quality backup company, (expensive method), depends on how much data your business has
  • Transfer backup files to another location via the internet


Pricing will always vary since this will be a full customized service. However, I can tell you that no one will ever beat my cost and my cost are adjusted to help small businesses. On the average, an external USB drive run under $100 for an adequate size. For some processes, it may require two for rotations. There are some online backup options that run around $100 a year. No matter the cost of the equipment or system, my prices are always fair.

Unlike many service, you do not have to purchase devices or services through RDPShop Services. I offer my services to help get your backups and disaster recovery plan but into effect. Meaning my services are avaliable if you already have something in mind, but just need help to put it in place.

Request a quote by clicking on the button. I will give you a close approximation if not exact cost based on your description.