Get Your Network Setup Properly

Most everyone has a WIFI Router in their home or business, but is it running at its peak. Everything these days rely on WIFI or networking to some degree. Media streaming is the hardest drain on a home network. Just this last year, Netflix has supposedly improved there service, now causing some TV's to lag or crash. There are fixes for these issues.  

Not every home user are aware, but you can hard-wire your network to your TV or media player via Ethernet. Ethernet is far faster than WIFI. If you are streaming large HD video files and want to eliminate load times, this is the solution.  

More and more are working from home offices, how secure is your WIFI or network? How secure is your business network. Many businesses allow sharing the internet as a courtesy to their customers, but you may be opening up your files to the public.

Even though cable and internet providers offer equipment to setup your WIFI, they don't tailor it to your actual needs. My home and business networking service will set you up for optimal speeds, security and easy management. Most internet providers equipment comes with hassles and limitations.

Complete Evaluation Offered

Home and Business Networking Service

RDPShop Services is located in Knoxville TN, serving it and the surrounding area. The first evaluation will be done by the client. When they notice that their system is running slow or worried if they are secure, call me.

RDPShop will be your second and last evaluation you will need. I am always available if you decide to add more devices to your network.

Using a WIFI strength meter, obstructed and weak areas can be detected. Access points or amplifiers can then be placed throughout a home or business to create stable and strong WIFI network.

Businesses usually have information that requires security. IT's best to not broadcast access to your confidential information over the airwaves. There is proper way to setup a business to have a secured and fast network. At the same time, offer courtesy WIFI to their customers.

RDPShop does not require you to buy equipment through me. If you already have the equipment, my services can be hired to set it up. Often the customer already has what they need, it just needs to be setup the correct way. My services include new setup, repair, or improve.


Pricing will always vary since this will be a full customized service. However, I can tell you that no one will ever beat my cost and my cost are adjusted to help small businesses. As mentioned, I do not require you to have to get your equipment from me. I always help on finding the best cost and quality equipment. I also offer consultation, if you want to set up your own network and just want recommendations, that is offered as well.

Use the request quote form or call to discuss your issue and plan. I am currently only serving the Knoxville and surrounding area. There can be a travel fee if the distance is beyond 25 miles. The travel fee will never exceed $30 unless travel is beyond 50 miles one way.

Request a quote by clicking on the button. I will give you a close approximation if not exact cost based on your description.